Monday, January 26, 2009

the return of baby V

dear blog..
this is me then typing again on the very Chinese new year (2nd day)
it's been quite a week after my off days end...
well, i just want to tell u that I've got back my dearest baby V
after being 'hospitalized' for 19 days in perodua bdr tun razak..
i'm really happy with his comeback..
now i am free to go to everywhere i want..
i love u my baby V
ermm anyway, i'm quite unsatisfied when the perodua technicians
had sprayed his front bumper with a solid colour...i hate it...
but never mind it's still beautiful to me...
he's so perfect..
next plan on him, i will put a sporty spoiler at his makes him looking so hotly sexy..
i really hope for next time onwards there will be no such thing like car accident anymore..
dear God, pls bless us...AMIN...

Red flying butterfly

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