Saturday, February 14, 2009


everybody needs friends..
people whom we can communicate with..
but who can we consider as friends?
friends whom we spend time at coffee shop?
friends whom we work with?
friends whom we hang out with?
school friends or our childhood friends?
there's no prejudice..
no difference..
and no competition..
until one day when we open op our eyes and realize that the world
is not as it seems..
it's not a problem to make friends nowadays..
we don't have to leave our homes.. we don't even have to leave our seats..
we just need to sit in front of the computer and hit several keys on the keyboard..
we have some things in doesn't matter if we don't agree on things..
it doesn't matter if we don't know each other..
we have to accept the risk as friendship is a journey which is full of uncertainties..
whether we like it or not, we have to make our choice and face all the obstacles
in continuing this inevitable journey..
a journey which will take us to a new place..
and which will take us home..

Red flying butterfly

Thursday, February 12, 2009

poor my darling...

dear diria..
how are you?
i'm not fine with this news: my BF had an accident today!!
poor my little man..
once i received his sms, i just get him on the phone immediately..
once i heard his voice, i felt my love to him is growing and blooming very beautiful..
it's like a flower with a beautiful-big petals..
and i just wanna cry for what had happened..
y him?
i accept the fact that it's already happened..
i take it as a fate and a test from the Almighty God..
so we talked on some issues..advice him neccessarily..
you know what, i miss him a lot..
i wish he can live with me and i will take a perfect care of him..
my dear A, i'll pray for your happiness and for us too..

p/s: Get Well soon honey..mmuuaahh!!

Red flying butterfly

my suggestions-dietary food intake

dear blog, how are you today?

regarding the issue, today review is about a dietary food intake..

here are the list:-)

  1. breakfast ;-) fruit shake,oranges, bananas, pears, melons or other fruit in season..

  2. snack ;-) fruit again but not too near lunch as it takes 1 hour to get enzymes down..

  3. lunch ;-) salad with protein.. add some dishes like steamed or roasted chiken or some kind of fish..

  4. snack ;-) celery or broccoli + anti-oxidant tea + light sport activity i.e: jogging, walking or go to gym..

  5. dinner: grilled chicken and steamed vegetables..

so hopefully by following strictly from the above menu, i can get a great + a healthy body..Amin..

Red flying butterfly

Monday, February 9, 2009


dear blog..
i'm typing these words just to tell that i'm very fucking sleepy..
i'm in front of my pc now..(it's office's)
but everything is very slow...
my finger is weakening and my eyes are so mind is floating somewhere in my bedroom..try to discover the softness of my pillow and my baby blanket there..
i don't have any idea how i'm going to drive home tonight?
i need refreshment as it's quite a distance from here..
on top of that,the night and the weather is getting so cold and plus i'm stuck in-so called-winter season-area..huh!!
my mood is not getting so good..
plus someone that i hate the most in this building is in front of me now..
it's sort of affecting my work quite badly..!!
owh how i wish i can have something like "pintu suka hati" from the animated series: DORAEMON
it's a long time- favorite cartoon series to die for..
so with that stuff i can go anywhere i love..
no need to drive, no need to take lift or elevator
or whatsover bla bla bla..
just think where the location is, then *ting*! u're there when u're there!!
owh God pls make this kind of drowsiness disappeared and vanished from my world!!

Red flying butterfly

Sunday, February 8, 2009

pretty activities...

dear blog..
we meet again..
well, i'm going to tell you about
the sweet+pretty activities
instead of bitter+ugly scene yesterday..
well, during his visit
i got to follow my schedule as being fixed..
i never really have so much time with him..
it was a short little a start,
he sent me to my very workplace..
and as i utilized my 4 hours break time,
we had lunch at KFC in carrefour ampang..
(actually he had his lunch earlier than mine..
4 hours is too long for him and i can't let him starving)
it was on his treat (for not joining me lunch..hahaha)
thanks darling!!
and right after lunch we have a short a.k.a say hello-just to drop by-kind of trip..
at look out point ampang..(my first time visit)
as we reached the top of the tower, there's a group of youngsters
(mostly couple) with their strange languages
and the most important thing:
made me uncomfortable in a while..
and i can't focus to what my darling was talking about..
the topic was lost somewhere in communication..
and at the same time he was misbehaving
and it's like spotting my annoyance...
we had a little argument afterward..
well i finally said "i'm sorry.."
my love is much more bigger than my fucking little annoyance..
then we continued our journey..
we went to 'brothers' (car accessories) in jln ampang
to look out for little survey about putting a spoiler..
the result: unsatisfying and quite jerking (well u know how fucking Chinese doing a's like saving a pig from an extinction !!)
then he alone dropped by at al-ihsan to browse shoes..
the result: nothing impressive..huhu..just a savvy-unvaried-little pamphlet to look at..
afterward, we were sort of "jalan-jalan cari makan" and we were thirsted for "cendol"..
again, it was on his treat..thanks and i love u darling!!
but it tasted sucks! we found it unworthy as our time is mostly wasted..
then he sent me back to my office as the breaktime was almost finished..
again we being parted for another 4 hours..
right after my shift ends, i was like running out from the building..
rushing and focusing on one thing: my babe!!!
he was a little late and i didn't know why i can't stand with that..
aahh! i don't want to tell u what's the consequences..
we then went to uptown danau kota..
we reached the place safely
but it was so crowded and it's filled with so many people..
the result: he bought himself a wallet
and for me there's nothing impressive yet attractive..
again with the tiredness at some point
it's spotting my annoyance..
then..well..i don't need to tell u the little next scene do i?
we went home was a silence journey then.. activity was: supper time!!
we had it at 'rasa sayang' restaurant just nearby my residence..
for this time it's on my treat..and it's nothing as to compare my love to you dear..
during supper, i was shocked by the information that i have: the owner of the restaurant
is actually my very neighbor at behind my house..
it was so ashamed as i never recognize him and also his wife madam tiara..
but for me it did not affect anything at any sense..
we finally closed the activity with a lot of things to be reminisced together..
thanks for such a wonderful visit..and everything!!
i love u so much my darling 'A'..!!

Red flying butterfly

Friday, February 6, 2009

what a day!!!

dear blog..
how are you today?
well i'm not really fine ..
i don't know how to start
and where i should start..
actually i found something really bad
about my BF..he tried to betray me and tried to do something
fishy at behind my back..
finally everything comes up!!
everything has revealed!!
and finally on 08/02/09,
we started to make everything clear..
we have discussed heart to heart but not really deep like in the ocean..haha..
because he is not that type (i mean not a romantic-sensitive kind of guy) ever..'s really undeniable when i felt really annoyed, really pissed-off and felt betrayed because of
his deed..
but at the very same time i'm really sick to death of fighting..
hmm..yesterday i was so tensed and all the shit was burst
and exploded on him accidentally and totally not on purpose..
poor my little man..
he is such irresistible and irreplaceable..
tried so many time to cast him away from my life ever
but as i said there's nothing i can do about it..
he lives in my nerves and it's like he owns me..
he's the best thing happened in my love life ever..
i really love's like me and him that have bittersweet memoirs that will ever last..
so GOD, i know it was totally wrong..
i really hope that i'm always on track and never fall...never left behind..

Monday, February 2, 2009

my beloved family and friends...

dear blog...
we meet again..hehehe..
actually i want to tell u a lil bit about my family and friends..
well i was born eldest in the family..
my father's name is mr alias bin ahmad and my mom's is robiah bt osman
my father is 53 years old and mom's 51 this year..
i have 5 siblings..
below me is my sister farah adibah bt alias..(my only beloved sister) 24,
my first brother mohamad fahmi bin alias 22,
my 2nd brother mohd fikri bin alias 19,
and my youngest lil brother mohd fayyadh bin alias 14,
and they're like my heart beats...
though we are far apart i just want them to know they are always on the top of my heart...

so that's my lovely family..
how about my friends?
i don't really have so many friends..
(considered the closest and the best one)
but i still have a list and they're:

miss wani and miss cleopatra..(they're persons who know me well as a friend)

and also friends who are close:
miss jesse garcia
miss fairiey
miss shamine umairah
miss arnieza arifin (kak ein)

cold but still friends:
mr arb
mr cam
mr fitri
mr ehsan
mr iris
mr lorna
mr shahrul (datin)
miss sutinah
miss odah liliana
miss wawawon
miss rasha
miss marsha
miss totu
miss bunsen
miss angel
miss wanda
miss fifi ana j
miss gabby
miss lisa
miss wati
mr zamani
mr g-jone

friends that far in distance:
miss clantina
miss emma (aidi)
mr fuad (ex schoolmate)
miss sherry a.k.a areng (ex school mate)

mr salleh
mr eddy (micky)
mr azreen
mr corecheck
miss norish natasha
miss ika
miss zet
miss isis
miss elle
miss ashwin
miss ann
miss nisha (denise)
miss elise
miss elli
miss elly (esc)
miss nabila
miss cici
miss carmeen (adeq)
miss yus jasmeen
miss yasmeen
miss sally
miss pae natasha
miss effy
mr jack
mr eddy pakarawa..

not to be forgotten to all my trannies friends who i did not put in the list..
maybe it was accidentally forgotten..
sorry ya...BUT friends is still friends big deal..
so keep rockin' guys!!!

finally he called me...

dear diaria..
we meet again on the same day huh?
well, i want to call it as a relief
'coz finally my dear BF called me..
i'm happy to hear his voice..
even though i'm not fully recovered (of thinking someone else)
at least i know there's still a way to get back on track..
i know he loves me..
i don't want to lose him just because of the same stupid old mistakes..
so my dear baby, pls don't leave me..
u are my strengths..
you're the disease and you're the favorite drug to heal it..
so pls help me to get the way out of my black love memories..
i love you my dear A.....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

cold and frigid

dear blog..
how are u today?
well, i'm just fine
but nothing can be done passionately today..
well, i want to tell u that
my love relationship with him seems to be so cold..
he didn't contact me for a few days..
but never mind...maybe he's busy with routines and commitments..
i love him but the passion is not there..
maybe because i'm thinking of someone else..
someone who always be with me
a man who always come near me..
i'm afraid if something bad is going to repeat twice..
crush love-tragedy..i don't want it happen to me again ever and ever..
y me? y? y?
i hope i can be free from any bad perception or any bad situation..
i think i wanna cry coz i miss someone but not my own BF..
pls...i afraid if the tragedy is repeating twice...
pls God, help me on that..

Red flying butterfly