Thursday, February 12, 2009

poor my darling...

dear diria..
how are you?
i'm not fine with this news: my BF had an accident today!!
poor my little man..
once i received his sms, i just get him on the phone immediately..
once i heard his voice, i felt my love to him is growing and blooming very beautiful..
it's like a flower with a beautiful-big petals..
and i just wanna cry for what had happened..
y him?
i accept the fact that it's already happened..
i take it as a fate and a test from the Almighty God..
so we talked on some issues..advice him neccessarily..
you know what, i miss him a lot..
i wish he can live with me and i will take a perfect care of him..
my dear A, i'll pray for your happiness and for us too..

p/s: Get Well soon honey..mmuuaahh!!

Red flying butterfly