Friday, February 6, 2009

what a day!!!

dear blog..
how are you today?
well i'm not really fine ..
i don't know how to start
and where i should start..
actually i found something really bad
about my BF..he tried to betray me and tried to do something
fishy at behind my back..
finally everything comes up!!
everything has revealed!!
and finally on 08/02/09,
we started to make everything clear..
we have discussed heart to heart but not really deep like in the ocean..haha..
because he is not that type (i mean not a romantic-sensitive kind of guy) ever..'s really undeniable when i felt really annoyed, really pissed-off and felt betrayed because of
his deed..
but at the very same time i'm really sick to death of fighting..
hmm..yesterday i was so tensed and all the shit was burst
and exploded on him accidentally and totally not on purpose..
poor my little man..
he is such irresistible and irreplaceable..
tried so many time to cast him away from my life ever
but as i said there's nothing i can do about it..
he lives in my nerves and it's like he owns me..
he's the best thing happened in my love life ever..
i really love's like me and him that have bittersweet memoirs that will ever last..
so GOD, i know it was totally wrong..
i really hope that i'm always on track and never fall...never left behind..