Sunday, February 8, 2009

pretty activities...

dear blog..
we meet again..
well, i'm going to tell you about
the sweet+pretty activities
instead of bitter+ugly scene yesterday..
well, during his visit
i got to follow my schedule as being fixed..
i never really have so much time with him..
it was a short little a start,
he sent me to my very workplace..
and as i utilized my 4 hours break time,
we had lunch at KFC in carrefour ampang..
(actually he had his lunch earlier than mine..
4 hours is too long for him and i can't let him starving)
it was on his treat (for not joining me lunch..hahaha)
thanks darling!!
and right after lunch we have a short a.k.a say hello-just to drop by-kind of trip..
at look out point ampang..(my first time visit)
as we reached the top of the tower, there's a group of youngsters
(mostly couple) with their strange languages
and the most important thing:
made me uncomfortable in a while..
and i can't focus to what my darling was talking about..
the topic was lost somewhere in communication..
and at the same time he was misbehaving
and it's like spotting my annoyance...
we had a little argument afterward..
well i finally said "i'm sorry.."
my love is much more bigger than my fucking little annoyance..
then we continued our journey..
we went to 'brothers' (car accessories) in jln ampang
to look out for little survey about putting a spoiler..
the result: unsatisfying and quite jerking (well u know how fucking Chinese doing a's like saving a pig from an extinction !!)
then he alone dropped by at al-ihsan to browse shoes..
the result: nothing impressive..huhu..just a savvy-unvaried-little pamphlet to look at..
afterward, we were sort of "jalan-jalan cari makan" and we were thirsted for "cendol"..
again, it was on his treat..thanks and i love u darling!!
but it tasted sucks! we found it unworthy as our time is mostly wasted..
then he sent me back to my office as the breaktime was almost finished..
again we being parted for another 4 hours..
right after my shift ends, i was like running out from the building..
rushing and focusing on one thing: my babe!!!
he was a little late and i didn't know why i can't stand with that..
aahh! i don't want to tell u what's the consequences..
we then went to uptown danau kota..
we reached the place safely
but it was so crowded and it's filled with so many people..
the result: he bought himself a wallet
and for me there's nothing impressive yet attractive..
again with the tiredness at some point
it's spotting my annoyance..
then..well..i don't need to tell u the little next scene do i?
we went home was a silence journey then.. activity was: supper time!!
we had it at 'rasa sayang' restaurant just nearby my residence..
for this time it's on my treat..and it's nothing as to compare my love to you dear..
during supper, i was shocked by the information that i have: the owner of the restaurant
is actually my very neighbor at behind my house..
it was so ashamed as i never recognize him and also his wife madam tiara..
but for me it did not affect anything at any sense..
we finally closed the activity with a lot of things to be reminisced together..
thanks for such a wonderful visit..and everything!!
i love u so much my darling 'A'..!!

Red flying butterfly