Sunday, February 1, 2009

cold and frigid

dear blog..
how are u today?
well, i'm just fine
but nothing can be done passionately today..
well, i want to tell u that
my love relationship with him seems to be so cold..
he didn't contact me for a few days..
but never mind...maybe he's busy with routines and commitments..
i love him but the passion is not there..
maybe because i'm thinking of someone else..
someone who always be with me
a man who always come near me..
i'm afraid if something bad is going to repeat twice..
crush love-tragedy..i don't want it happen to me again ever and ever..
y me? y? y?
i hope i can be free from any bad perception or any bad situation..
i think i wanna cry coz i miss someone but not my own BF..
pls...i afraid if the tragedy is repeating twice...
pls God, help me on that..

Red flying butterfly