Monday, February 2, 2009

my beloved family and friends...

dear blog...
we meet again..hehehe..
actually i want to tell u a lil bit about my family and friends..
well i was born eldest in the family..
my father's name is mr alias bin ahmad and my mom's is robiah bt osman
my father is 53 years old and mom's 51 this year..
i have 5 siblings..
below me is my sister farah adibah bt alias..(my only beloved sister) 24,
my first brother mohamad fahmi bin alias 22,
my 2nd brother mohd fikri bin alias 19,
and my youngest lil brother mohd fayyadh bin alias 14,
and they're like my heart beats...
though we are far apart i just want them to know they are always on the top of my heart...

so that's my lovely family..
how about my friends?
i don't really have so many friends..
(considered the closest and the best one)
but i still have a list and they're:

miss wani and miss cleopatra..(they're persons who know me well as a friend)

and also friends who are close:
miss jesse garcia
miss fairiey
miss shamine umairah
miss arnieza arifin (kak ein)

cold but still friends:
mr arb
mr cam
mr fitri
mr ehsan
mr iris
mr lorna
mr shahrul (datin)
miss sutinah
miss odah liliana
miss wawawon
miss rasha
miss marsha
miss totu
miss bunsen
miss angel
miss wanda
miss fifi ana j
miss gabby
miss lisa
miss wati
mr zamani
mr g-jone

friends that far in distance:
miss clantina
miss emma (aidi)
mr fuad (ex schoolmate)
miss sherry a.k.a areng (ex school mate)

mr salleh
mr eddy (micky)
mr azreen
mr corecheck
miss norish natasha
miss ika
miss zet
miss isis
miss elle
miss ashwin
miss ann
miss nisha (denise)
miss elise
miss elli
miss elly (esc)
miss nabila
miss cici
miss carmeen (adeq)
miss yus jasmeen
miss yasmeen
miss sally
miss pae natasha
miss effy
mr jack
mr eddy pakarawa..

not to be forgotten to all my trannies friends who i did not put in the list..
maybe it was accidentally forgotten..
sorry ya...BUT friends is still friends big deal..
so keep rockin' guys!!!