Monday, February 9, 2009


dear blog..
i'm typing these words just to tell that i'm very fucking sleepy..
i'm in front of my pc now..(it's office's)
but everything is very slow...
my finger is weakening and my eyes are so mind is floating somewhere in my bedroom..try to discover the softness of my pillow and my baby blanket there..
i don't have any idea how i'm going to drive home tonight?
i need refreshment as it's quite a distance from here..
on top of that,the night and the weather is getting so cold and plus i'm stuck in-so called-winter season-area..huh!!
my mood is not getting so good..
plus someone that i hate the most in this building is in front of me now..
it's sort of affecting my work quite badly..!!
owh how i wish i can have something like "pintu suka hati" from the animated series: DORAEMON
it's a long time- favorite cartoon series to die for..
so with that stuff i can go anywhere i love..
no need to drive, no need to take lift or elevator
or whatsover bla bla bla..
just think where the location is, then *ting*! u're there when u're there!!
owh God pls make this kind of drowsiness disappeared and vanished from my world!!

Red flying butterfly

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